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Wholly Eva

Sunday, March 2, 2014

You Belong Somewhere You Feel Free

I saw this on Pinterest a bit ago, and it has been floating around in my head ever since.
I am currently looking for a job, a niche, somewhere I can begin building my life. Dancers are kind of nomad-ish, job security doesn't exist, and as I was once very wisely advised that "we must be comfortable with the unknown". What that means is... be open to experiencing the mystery and wonder of all of life's adventures.

Spring is now quietly waiting in the wings, so this in between season can be a good time to reflect. 
We all have obligations and responsibilities, some that weigh heavily on our shoulders, but can we find a time for freedom from these burdens?


For dancers: does taking class each and every morning feel like a burden? Those first few plies and tendus, sometimes all of barre, sometimes most of class, can be uncomfortable... especially at 10 AM. For me, at some point during class, I find my footing and am able to feel freedom in movement through music. That's what it's about right? Finding a place where we can be free; free from pain, free from negativity, free to be ourselves and nothing more.

In your daily life, are you able to find a moment of freedom? If the answer is "no", it is important to remember what it is that makes you smile, feel free, and has you singing in the shower again.

These are some things that make me happy, what makes you happy?

  • Telling someone I miss them. Likewise, having someone tell me they miss me.
  • Taking a bath, with epsom salts, and lavender.. yea that sh#% is good
  • Working out... endorphins are REAL people
  • Making a plan/date/vacation/trip/etc
  • Going to the movies; certainly not a long-term solution to any of life's problems, but sometimes sitting in a dark room and not thinking about your problems is a really wonderful thing
  •  Learning something new! Taking a class, reading, becoming an expert in something adds dimension to "my" world

It's okay if it just isn't working, if you feel like maybe your job isn't the right fit, or you just feel unhappy about something, this helps us to know ourselves better from which we can only grow. 
May we keep our vision of the future upwards and clear.

Just Be

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