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Wholly Eva

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Simply Healthy Shamrock Shake

With St. Patty's Day just around the corner, and signs for McDonald's Shamrock Shakes everywhere, I thought that I should experiment with a healthy and simple version that is equally delicious. It does not include artificial flavors, artificial colors, GMO's, and other questionable ingredients. It does include high quality protein and fats, superfoods, and is absolutely delicious!

In this recipe I use Tera's Organic Whey in Bourbon Vanilla  I highly recommend this product over any Whey protein powders out there. It is made in small batches from local cheese plants in Wisconsin that get their milk from small family farms. None of those nasty ingredients found in other powders, while still providing 21 grams of protein in 1 serving + low glycemic carbs... perfect for post workout!

Ingredient List:
- organic spirulina (mood enhancer)
- organic maca (libido enhancer & mood balancer)
- organic mesquite (healthy blood)
- organic hemp powder (muscle building)
- organic chia seeds (joint & organ protector, balances blood sugar) 
- organic rice bran (tocos)
- organic vanilla (relaxes blood vessels)
This superfood blend packs more protein than an egg, more iron than a serving of beef, less sugar than a stick of gum and more fiber than bran cereal!
add all our superfoods to any food to enhance it's nutrient profile! 
- See more at: http://www.thephilosophie.com/collections/homepage/products/green-dream-8oz#sthash.i6lwsdHf.dpuf


  • 1-1/4 cup Almond milk
  • 1/2 an avocado 
  • 1 serving Tera's Whey Bourbon Vanilla
  • A generous 1/8 tsp Real Peppermint Extract 
  • Stevia to taste
  • Handful of ice cubes

Blend away and enjoy!

Just Be

Sunday, March 2, 2014

You Belong Somewhere You Feel Free

I saw this on Pinterest a bit ago, and it has been floating around in my head ever since.
I am currently looking for a job, a niche, somewhere I can begin building my life. Dancers are kind of nomad-ish, job security doesn't exist, and as I was once very wisely advised that "we must be comfortable with the unknown". What that means is... be open to experiencing the mystery and wonder of all of life's adventures.

Spring is now quietly waiting in the wings, so this in between season can be a good time to reflect. 
We all have obligations and responsibilities, some that weigh heavily on our shoulders, but can we find a time for freedom from these burdens?


For dancers: does taking class each and every morning feel like a burden? Those first few plies and tendus, sometimes all of barre, sometimes most of class, can be uncomfortable... especially at 10 AM. For me, at some point during class, I find my footing and am able to feel freedom in movement through music. That's what it's about right? Finding a place where we can be free; free from pain, free from negativity, free to be ourselves and nothing more.

In your daily life, are you able to find a moment of freedom? If the answer is "no", it is important to remember what it is that makes you smile, feel free, and has you singing in the shower again.

These are some things that make me happy, what makes you happy?

  • Telling someone I miss them. Likewise, having someone tell me they miss me.
  • Taking a bath, with epsom salts, and lavender.. yea that sh#% is good
  • Working out... endorphins are REAL people
  • Making a plan/date/vacation/trip/etc
  • Going to the movies; certainly not a long-term solution to any of life's problems, but sometimes sitting in a dark room and not thinking about your problems is a really wonderful thing
  •  Learning something new! Taking a class, reading, becoming an expert in something adds dimension to "my" world

It's okay if it just isn't working, if you feel like maybe your job isn't the right fit, or you just feel unhappy about something, this helps us to know ourselves better from which we can only grow. 
May we keep our vision of the future upwards and clear.

Just Be

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Favorites 3.1.14

"March" painting by Me!

Welcome to the very first installment of the monthly favorites posts! On the first day of every month, I will post a list of my favorite links to what I'm reading, making, watching, inspired by, dreaming of, etc. Enjoy and... Happy March!

  •  Loved gawking at Wendy Whelan and her husband's beautiful UWS apartment in the NYTimes 

  • Looking forward to reading this and this

  • Recipe inspiration! Definitely making this, this, this, oh and definitely this

  • Obsessed with the Piano Guys and this amazing video 

  • See every gown worn by every best actress winner ever

  • 5 Things You Can Give Yourself Permission to Do

  • Watching this Documentary on Jerome Robbins (Part 1) - all parts on YouTube

  • So excited to become an ambassador for the amazing Philosophie - recipes to come:)

Just Be

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cacao+Protein Milkshake (GF,SF,DF,V,Paleo + a secret ingredient!)

This milkshake has quickly become my favorite breakfast/pre-workout/post-workout/go to smoothie. It is high in protein, antioxidants, and healthy fats, and it tastes so delicious and indulgent!

What makes this milkshake so great for you is not only that it is nutrient dense, but that it contains the optimal ratio of nutrients for maximum absorption.

Always remember...
Cacao Milkshake

  • 1 cup-1 1/4 cup milk (I use coconut milk, but any kind of milk will work just fine)
  • 1 scoop Sun Warrior Chocolate Protein Powder (can be found at your local health food store, amazon.com , Vitacost.com, Iherb.com, etc.)
    • Sunwarrior Classic Protein is 100% plant-based, alkaline-forming, and provides a complete, balanced array of essential amino acids
    • Protein is essential for repairing tissue, burning fat, and building strong bodies
    • Sunwarrior Classic Protein is hypoallergenic and suitable for anyone - young or old, male or female - not just vegan or vegetarian lifestyles
    • Sunwarrior Classic Protein is gluten free, non-GMO, and FREE of chemicals, acids and solvents
    • via SunWarrior
  • 1 tablespoon raw cacao (regular cocoa powder will work fine, but remember that it does not contain the same powerful antioxidant and enzymatic properties as raw cacao)
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • ***1/2 an avocado (don't let this shock you, it gives the milkshake an incredibly creamy texture, as well as adding healthy fats and rounding out the nutritional profile of the milkshake)
  • A handful of ice cubes
  • Optional- top with cacao nibs (does not need to be heart shaped ;)
Blend everything together in a blender and enjoy!

Just Be